Dry and Irritated Skin?
Jul 2020

AL Forzani

Dry and Irritated Skin?

When the skin dries out it can emit signals such as redness, scaling, itching and signs of inflammation. A vicious cycle usually sets in, which not only irritates the skin but also the person affected. Independently causes dehydration which damages the healthy skin barrier and leads to further deterioration of the skin.

The causes of skin irritations are manifold -. B .:

  • exaggerated hygiene
  • too strong UV exposure
  • predisposition
  • aging
  • underlying atopy and atopic dermatitis

With proper care, the specific problems of dry and irritated skin can be specifically combated and effective relief can be provided with our hand cream.
In  addition to the  sustained regeneration and hydration of the dry skin, it is important to optimally match the care with the needs of the irritated skin that are currently in the foreground.